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From identifying and recruiting the right patients to preserving data integrity, our team of neurology research specialists produce operational excellence with high-quality patient care.

Our history of successful neurology studies sets our team apart and ensures that your clinical research trials stay on-track and are effectively completed. Our research coordinators and investigators are highly trained in the day-to-day management and protocols of each study and are committed to furthering the advancement of medicine for our patients.

Our Research Center was born out of the Fort Wayne Neurological Center and works hand-in-hand to identify suitable candidates for each study and recruits patients who may benefit from these innovative treatments.

Our team of neurologists are known nationally for their accomplishments and research. They consistently produce innovative results and work with Sponsors & CROs to develop treatments that will leave a lasting impact in the neurological field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our research sponsors commonly ask the following questions.

What are your guiding policies and procedures?

We adhere to the highest standards of clinical care and research, ensuring that every clinical trial upholds GCP, ICH, & Federal regulations and guidelines. Each study’s protocol is stringently followed by our top-tier research team and undergoes internal quality assurance audits in order to ensure data integrity.

Who will be handling the day-to-day operations of a clinical trial?

Our skilled research coordinators will be a resource to you for all the day-to-day communication that may arise. Our physicians and investigators are also available to dive into any medically related questions or topics of discussion.

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What is your clinical trial experience and track record?

Our center has extensive clinical trial experience and our physicians are leading experts in their field, committed to research excellence. For a comprehensive list of the past clinical trials in which our physicians have been investigators, feel free to review our past clinical studies.

Do you perform quality assurance audits?

Yes, we are committed to the highest quality of data tracking, patient care, and protocol adherence. Therefore, we regularly perform internal quality assurance audits to guarantee that our clinical trials and results are accurate and comprehensive.

Our geographical spread of mines and countries reduces our risk and increases our security of production. It also allows us to identify more opportunities, create synergies across our sites and transfer technology and people around the business.

What equipment do you have on-site?

Our office boasts state-of-the-art security refrigeration systems, on-site neuroimaging, lab work testing and processing, and on-site infusions. Our connection to our local hospital guarantees that we can provide any necessary medical tests or procedures.

Do you have access to high-security clinical trial therapies?

Our physicians have been granted clearance for highly sensitive and protected drugs. Please feel free to contact us to see whether we have licensure for your study. 

Are you committed to following study protocols exactly?

We are deeply dedicated to ensuring that study protocols are followed exactly. We value our partnerships with Sponsors/CROs, and work to provide a high-level of prompt communication and responsiveness.

Do other Sponsors/CROs recommend you as a partner?

Absolutely. Our long history of clinical research trials has produced some amazing partnerships and referrals.

What can I expect from our partnership?

You can expect the highest quality of communication, responsiveness, documentation, and patient recruitment and retention. We are thoroughly prepared for any FDA audits and make the process as simple and stress-free as possible for our Sponsors/CROs. In short, you can expect nothing less than the best in every aspect of conducting a clinical research trial.

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